Doterra Online Resources for members and wellness advocate training

There are so many beautiful doterra resources at your fingertips, all on line.
Learn where to go to fine them

For guiding potential members take them to
Our Story, vidoe and literature
Essential oil Facts for 4 great pages and videos on essential oils, how to use them sfaetly and effectively

For Potential members and new members, share:
The doterra difference: 5 pages of video and literature that will help them learn about why doterra is different and so beneficial, CPTG, source to you, Healing Hands Foundation, Co Impact Sourcing

Share the Essential Oil Certification Program with your new members and wellness advocates

For new wellness advocates,
Share the Business Resources at the bottom of the page at
Empower Success Series, follow the steps with each brochure and vidoe trainings. This is a perfect business training program to empower your new wellness advocates to be successful, now and for the long term.

Much love
Kara Blattman- Rock
Platnium doTERRA Advocate and founder in doTERRA Israel


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