Holistic wellness by Dr. B.M. Hegde, Part 12

Learn the secrets to lead a doctor free life from a doctor himself, discover the knowledge that will help you live a life that is truly disease free and extraordinary. Mahavatar foundation were fortunate enough to have a seminar with Mr. B. M. Hegde, an Indian medical scientist, educationist and author. Its prime focus was to learn what true health is and to understand effects of your emotions and thoughts on your physical health. The participants of the seminar benefitted themselves with a learning of self-healing mechanism of body and use that to avoid medicines and thus avoiding its side effects. Mr. B. M. Hegde shared his valuable knowledge and experiences about how spiritual principles can lead to a healthy life. The seminar was fruitful as it propagated an idea on how to master the techniques to cultivate better health even in adverse lifestyle.


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