Preventing Gout Attacks with Diet

If the uric acid crystals that trigger gout come from the breakdown of purines, should gout patients avoid even healthy purine-rich foods such as beans, mushrooms, and cauliflower?

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Uric acid is double-edged sword. If our uric acid levels are too high we can get gout, but if they’re too low, it may increase our risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease (presumed to be because uric acid acts as a powerful brain antioxidant—see Miocene Meteorites and Uric Acid Both high and low levels are associated with increased mortality. Stay tuned later this year for my video [Parkinson’s Disease and the Uric Acid Sweet Spot].

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Image Credit: piper60 via Pixabay and Brian Gratwicke via Flickr.

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