Episode 25 – Fitness in Israel and the Concept of Muscular Judaism – 12 Cities in Israel Podcast

Hi, my name is Michael Sahno, the host of “12 Cities in Israel”! In this episode I talk about why fitness is so much a part of Israeli culture! From Instagram, to the Wingate Institute, to those exercise parks that are found ALL over Israel! Let’s see what all the fuss is about! Enjoy!!!

Here are some Israeli fitness friends to follow on Instagram:
Avital Cohen

Kobi Bambaron

Rinat Ben-Kalifa

Ira Dolfin

Here is a video about fitness in Israel:

Here is a video of IDF women during fitness training (They will make you feel lazy in comparison):

Here are some videos about the Wingate Institute:

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A Positive Podcast about the food, culture and fun of Israel! Join me, Michael Sahno, as I talk about everything that I love about this wonderful, big, little country. One caveat though, no politics and no religion. Enjoy!

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Michael Sahno

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Michael Sahno

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