Outdoor Gym Workout in Israel at 280 Pounds

Highest weight 333. At 9 months pregnant weighing 320. I weigh 280 in the video. Today I weigh 255. This was filmed in Eilat, Israel. We have outdoor gym equipment to work out on and it is free to the public. I went at night because its smoking hot during the day. As you can see I was working up a sweat! It is a good workout to keep moving from one machine to the next. I enjoyed it. I went around 3 times even though I couldn’t do most of the body weight exercises where you lift your body weight. I’m just too big for that, but I tried each time anyway.

I weighed 280 pounds here. I weigh 255 right now. More videos of workouts to come soon as I progress more and more. When you are this big, you really can’t tell much of a difference in your body through pictures. I hope this is motivating you to lose your fat. It’s not impossible to be thin or skinny, it just takes hard work. I am working toward reaching my goal THIS year. I hope you start to reach for yours now so we can reach the finish line together!

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