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More new videos to be uploaded in the future For all my friends out there…The deception is huge. I was asleep also for a very long time but slowly woke up out of my slumber and researched this heavily controversial topic, and I found the answer. Now I share this knowledge with you. I mixed in some movie scenes and other media to make this as educational as possible.
[[History: 0:00 – 8:45
Life of Christ with Quotes: 8:45-32:00
Ten Commands of Jesus: 32:00 ]]

Gospel of Nazirenes (BOOK):
GENOCIDE by DIET – Nathaniel Jordan:
Back to Eden Gardening Method:

For anyone who comments ignorance without researching: “YOU ARE THEY WHICH JUSTIFY YOURSELVES BEFORE MEN, BUT GOD KNOWS YOUR HEARTS.” Most people are so lost in their lusts, they drink iniquity like water. Do not justify sin. REPENT AND AMEND. This Gospel is for true followers of Jesus Christ, not lukewarm Christians who still live in this lost world. I am going to be uploading more self-development videos and I appreciate your support! Everything is connected – To have the best life possible you must clean up ALL areas of your life!

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