Benny Hinn – Wellness and Longevity, Part 2

Why did God pick the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve? Get ready for answers to the most important questions about wellness from Dr. Joel Wallach, author and narrator of one of the world’s most famous wellness recording, Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie (approximately 40 million CDs and cassettes copies have been distributed since 1994). During the late 80’s and early 90’s, through education and work experience, Dr. Wallach became committed to educating as many people as he could about the importance of minerals to the human body. He started writing his now famous book, “Let’s Play Doctor,” soon followed by “Forbidden Cures.” Soon there were thousands of people waiting to hear him lecture about nutrition and supplementation, and even millions more who purchased his teaching materials. You are going to enjoy this life-changing broadcast as Pastor Benny Hinn welcomes Dr. Wallach!

January 07, 2014 –


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