Should I Count Calories on The Ketogenic Diet??

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How To Start The Ketogenic Diet:

Should I Count Calories on The Ketogenic Diet?

In this video i share with you my opinion about counting calories on the Ketogenic (Keto) diet, and why it is so important in my view to understand the basics behind the simple answer of yes or no.

My Story:

I have always been overweight and seen myself different. It was not that fun nor easy to wear high-size clothes and every time too look for something new because the old ones don’t fit anymore…

I live in Phuket, Thailand since October 2017 but originally from Israel. I didn’t even think of doing Diet nor to change my health habits.

Then I finally realized that I’m heading myself and my body into a disaster and could really hurt myself, and maybe become a diabetic. Then I started to look for solutions, just like everyone else in that situation.

I was in a meeting with a Real Estate Agent here in the Island, and I barely recognized him, he was very slim than the last time I’ve seen him, so I asked him what he is doing that helping him loosing weight. His answer was “The Keto Diet”…

His answer just opened to me a new door and gave me a hope that “If he can lose weight” I can too!!

So never give up!! There is always a way to make it happen. All you need is a little bit of commitment, hope and a lot of FAT LOL

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