US and Israel conduct joint tanker hijacking exercise

The Israeli military released footage on Tuesday showing a joint US-Israeli military exercise last week.

The video showed Israeli soldiers and US Navy Special Forces parachuting, swimming, and rappelling from a helicopter to board a vessel resembling an oil tanker.

The drill, dubbed ‘Noble Rose’, simulates the recovery of a hijacked ship, the IDF said.

The Persian Gulf region has witnessed six attacks on oil tankers in recent weeks that the US has blamed on Iran.
Iran denied it was behind the tanker attacks, although it has seized other tankers.

The US is planning a US-led mission to protect shipping in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

Britain has so far been the only US ally to express willingness to join a maritime security mission.

European nations are reluctant and Germany has said it will not be involved.

Israeli media have reported Israel will also take part in the security coalition in the Straight of Hormuz.


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