339 Ratna Singh: Artificial Intelligence For Better Wellness, On A Bike?

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“CAR.O.L is going to get you the fittest that you can be; it’s more effective than any other form of exercise in terms of your health markers.” – CEO of CAR.O.L, Ratna Singh

How can we embrace artificial intelligence for better wellness?

Founder and CEO of CAR.O.L, Ratna Singh, explains how their AI technology will help you develop deeper levels of physical and emotional intelligence, how consciousness and spirituality can be expressed through technology, and why only two 20-second sprints on the CAR.O.L bike will give you the deep muscle activation you need to let go of old weight and live a healthier life.

Discover how the AI technology of CAR.O.L can help us reach higher consciousness, prevent disease, and live life well.

[1:30] Blending Spirituality With Artificial Intelligence

-Her spirituality and how that is reflected in the brand, CAR.O.L.
-How she became interested in microbiology and had originally set out on a career to study it.
-What drew her into the world of advertising and begin working at BMP in London.
-How CAR.O.L has made it its mission to blend spirituality with artificial intelligence.
Her search to answer the question, ‘Why aren’t people exercising enough and how can we fix that?’

[16:00] The Creation Of CAR.O.L

-The work of Dr. Niels Vollaard and what he has discovered about the benefits of short-term, high resistant fitness called REHIT.
-How they took the work and research of Dr. Vollaard and put it into a bike with A.I.
-What most people get wrong about HIIT workouts in the first place and how to do a proper one.
-CAR.O.L’s ability to apply the right amount of resistance at the correct time and adapt as you continue to use it.

[23:00] Insulin Sensitivity & CAR.O.L

-What insulin is, what it does for the body, and how CAR.O.L works with insulin sensitivity.
-Why we don’t burn fat when high levels of insulin are present.
-How CAR.O.L tracks the glycogen in our muscles.
-The importance of reducing the levels of insulin to prevent disease and burn fat.
-CAR.O.L’s connection with helping people achieve behavior change in their lifestyle.
-The wide age range of CAR.O.L users including people up in their 60s and older.
-How CAR.O.L adjusts to you and your health as your fitness journey continues.

[35:40] Boosting Your Immunity With CAR.O.L

-How CAR.O.L can help you adapt to living a healthier life including reversing the effects of sitting all day.
-Exploring Hormesis: The body’s ability to endure and how CAR.O.L increases the user’s endurance without harming the joints or muscles.
-Benefits of taking a cold shower to boost your immunity and turn on our survival pathways.
-How CAR.O.L has been designed to create healthy stress on the body that will open up our internal survival pathways which will make us healthier and hopefully disease-free in the future.

[43:00] Exploring Higher Consciousness Amidst COVID19

-Her recent loss of a close childhood friend who passed away from COVID19 while his father survived.
-Similarities and differences between her friend and his father: They both had Type 2 Diabetes but the father, who was in his 80s, worked out much more which boosted his immune system.
-Speculations around coronavirus cases from age and genetic makeup to fitness and immune systems.
-Honoring the mystery of the universe and understanding that there’s so much going on in our world that we don’t know about yet.

[49:30] Embracing AI From A New Perspective

-How we can embrace AI from a humanitarian perspective.
-Unpacking AI and how it can help us be more efficient to enjoy life more.
-Her concerns of AI making people redundant in the future as the population ages and we live longer.
-How CAR.O.L compares to other workout machines and exercise movements.
-How CAR.O.L has been put to the test with government guidelines which is 5 days of exercise for 30 minutes a week.

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