Mental Health Legal Representation in Israel

Advocate Daniel Raz, National Supervisor (involuntary commitments) Legal Aid, Ministry of Justice, Center, Israel.
Abstract: The issue of legal representation for mental health patient has dramatically changed during the recent years.
We will outline the history of mental health legal representation in Israel
We will discuss the requirements for involuntary commitment which are both legal and medical. In order to hospitalize a person, one need to prove that this person is dangerous to himself or to other person immediately prior to

We will elaborate the work of the psychiatric committees and the jurisprudence of the Israeli court regarding that issue.
We will further discuss the physical restrictions on patient especially regarding the solitary confinement and physical restrain and the ECT treatment
The lawyers representing the patients are fully qualified and receive an extensive program which enable them to understand legal and medical terms in mental health law.
The legal aid representation is an essential instrument for improving human rights of person and our duty is to find a way to challenge that.

Medicine and Law (2018) 37:2(2) (Guest Editor: Oren Asman), WAML and The Bioethics and Law Initiative, Tel Aviv University.


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