Responding to mental health and isolation in the pandemic – SDF COVID-19 Webinar

SDF’s fourth free COVID-19 webinar focused on mental health among people who use substances during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 situation presents unique challenges for people who use alcohol and other drugs and who experience poor mental health. They are a particular risk group with very specific needs and are perhaps most at risk of loneliness and isolation. Difficult feelings can make it easy for substance use to escalate or for people to relapse. Alcohol and other drug use can make it difficult to manage mental health or can make existing conditions worse. For some people they may feel more cravings to use drugs and alcohol or to consume larger quantities and for others they may feel their mental health is made worse when they take alcohol and other drugs.

This webinar sought to provide an opportunity to discuss the current challenges of supporting people who use substances and who may experience poor mental health during this time and bring together best practice on responding to clients faced with loneliness and isolation.


– Jennifer Lang, Service Manager Turning Point Scotland North Ayrshire Prevention, Early intervention And Recovery (P.E.A.R.) Service
– John McCormack, Recovery and training consultancy
– Ellie Frankish, Specialist Occupational Therapist, NHS Lothian

Chaired by Katy MacLeod and Austin Smith, Scottish Drugs Forum

Webinar held on Thursday 7 May 2020


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