Weight Loss Coach Reacts to Adrienne Bailon's Weight Loss

Today I’m reacting to Adrienne Bailon’s weight loss, but more specifically her video called “My Weight Loss Journey.” In her video she shares “How I lost 20 pounds” which includes weight loss tips and weight loss advice. She talks a lot about her diet for weight loss and her exercise to lose weight.

All Things Adrienne (the name of Adrienne Houghton Youtube channel) is a lifestyle channel. The issue that I have with lifestyle channels sharing weight loss advice is that they are not qualified. Just because something worked for them doesn’t mean they can give advice to their audience about how to lose weight.

This isn’t the worst weight loss advice video I’ve seen (her weight loss was realistic rather than how to lose weight fast) but the video has almost 2 million views and by scrolling through the comments it’s clear her audience is taking her tips to heart. In this video I explain why I think a lot of her weight loss advice isn’t good advice.

P.S. Sorry for how choppy the video is. It was originally 34 minutes long and I cut it down to only the most important points.

P.P.S. If you have any other weight loss videos you’d like me to react to please send them my way! I think this is a segment on my channel that will last a long time. These videos keep popping up everywhere.

Adrienne’s Weight Loss Journey:

How to calculate how much water you should be drinking:
0.5 – 0.7 ounces of water X body weight (in lbs) MINIMUM

Reasons to drink more than the minimum:
If you are in hot weather, at a high elevation, exercise, or drink caffeine you should be drinking more than the minimum. Add an extra 8 ounces for every one of those that applies to you.

If you weigh 150lbs.
0.5 x 150 = 75
0.7 x 150 = 105

75-105 oz minimum per day.


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