Israel, New Zealand takes page from Taiwan’s coronavirus controls

New Zealand”s Ministry of Health has praised Taiwan for its effective interventions against the spread of COVID-19. Speaking at a media conference, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said Taiwan was a quote, “very good example” for how to prevent community transmission. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also looking closely at Taiwan”s approach. Last Sunday, he announced plans to use “anti-terrorism” tracking to control the spread of COVID-19. He said a similar method was tested in Taiwan with quote, “great success.” On March 14, Israel reported 50 additional COVID-19 cases in a single day. The country’s government ordered the closing of all recreational establishments and called on people to work from home.Benjamin Netanyahu (March 14)Israel prime ministerWe will have to adopt a new way of life. Starting tomorrow morning, all recreational establishments will close temporarily. It will be hard. I understand.Israel’s government said it would follow a method used by Taiwan. Israel said it would use counterterrorism technology to control the spread of coronavirus, by tracking mobile phones.According to a report on the Times of Israel, the country’s prime minister said that the technology had been tested in Taiwan with great success. He added that Israel was one of few countries with that same tracking ability, which would be put to use to contain the epidemic.Meanwhile, an official from New Zealand’s ministry of health said Taiwan was a good example on how to prevent community infections.Ashley BloomfieldNew Zealand Ministry of HealthTo prevent onward community transmission. Taiwan is a very good example. So everyone is looking very closely at what Taiwan has managed to do here with their interventions.Chao Tien-linDPP lawmakerDuring the Lunar New Year, many precautions were taken. At the time, there were voices of opposition in Taiwan and overseas. But I think that Taiwanese society’s determination to implement epidemic precautions and its trust in the government gave us the opportunity to launch these preventative measures. Now that the results can be seen, countries around the world have begun praising them or using them as a reference for their plans.Countries around the world are drawing from Taiwan’s experience against the epidemic. Meanwhile, a Japanese internet user has noted that the government officials at Taiwan’s health briefings are all physicians or public health experts. The internet user hailed them as “outstanding persons” of our time.


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