Mental health smartphone apps: Evidence, theory, and improvements

Join our live Google Hangout with our panel:
David Gratzer (Toronto , Canada)
Keith .Hawton (Oxford, UK)
Mark Larsen (New South Wales, Australia)
Lisa Marzano (Middlesex, UK)
John Torous (Harvard, USA)
Ipsit Vahia (Harvard, USA)
Andrea Cipriani (Oxford, UK)
Michael Ostacher (Stanford, USA)

The potential of smartphone apps to improve quality and increase access to mental health care is increasingly clear. Yet even in the current global mental health crisis, real-world uptake of smartphone apps by clinics or consumers remains low. A recent review of the evidence regarding current challenges surrounding user engagement with mental health smartphone apps will be the starting point for wide ranging debate and discussion.

Paper to be discussed:
Torous J, Nicholas J, Larsen ME, et al Clinical review of user engagement with mental health smartphone apps: evidence, theory and improvements Evidence-Based Mental Health 2018;21:116-119.


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