Radical Self Responsibility with JP Sears

27 Jul Radical Self Responsibility with JP Sears

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by Natalie Jill

Radical Self Responsibility with JP Sears
At a young age, JP Sears learned that humor was a way to deal with anger and pain. He would feel like he MATTERED if he could get people to laugh.
Humor was his crutch,  his way to cope, and it was at the age of 27 when a mentor said to him in a loving interruption: “Do you know how passive aggressive you get with your humor?” that JP realized he had a bigger purpose.
TODAY, JP Sears is a conscious comedian, emotional healing coach, author, YouTuber, world traveler, and curious student of life. His intention is always to awaken and heal people through comedy. He has learned that nothing is “ever how it seems” and that radical self responsibility and owning emotions and using them as guides changes things for the better.
His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. He is very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertaining informative videos, which have accumulated over 400 million views.
Join in today and learn exactly how JP Sears LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING.

On this episode, you will learn:

How to take ownership of your actions
Why doing the inner work is so important
How to find your ‘thing’
How to boost your self-esteem

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