Top 7 Favorite Workouts – Israel Fitness and Health

It’s all about fitness and health! Israelis looove to exercise – here’s how!
#1 Cycling
It’s not just a green mode of transportation, it’s also a fun and healthy way to work out.
#2 Yoga
Israelis have a very special connection with India, and whether it’s
a spiritual journey or a physical work out, you can always catch an Israeli greeting the sun.
#3 Kickboxing
It turns out you can kick and punch and get in shape while doing so.
The broken nose? Well, that’s just an added bonus, isn’t it?
#4 Pilates
#5 Swimming
Israelis love to swim, probably because it’s so hot outside and it’s always nice and cool in the pool.
#6 Fitness Classes
Whether it’s Zumba, TRX, weight lifting, CrossFit, Israelis don’t just love to be in shape, they like to look in shape, too.
#7 Walking and Jogging
There’s no wonder Israelis love it so much, it’s affordable, it’s fun, and you can do it literally any time, mornings, late afternoons, you can always catch an Israeli walking or jogging.


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