Israel Keyes Case Analysis | Mental Health & Personality

This video answers the questions: Can I analyze the mental health and personality characteristics of Israel Keyes?
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Antisocial personality disorder is a “Cluster B” personality disorder in the diagnostic and statistical manual, it has seven symptom criteria, three of which are required for diagnosis.

1: Repeated unlawful behaviors
2: Consistent deceitfulness
3: Impulsivity, poor planning
4: Aggressiveness, physical fights
5: Reckless disregard for safety
6: Consistent irresponsibility
7: Lack of remorse

Narcissistic personality disorder is a “Cluster B” personality disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. It has nine symptom criteria, five of which are required for a diagnosis.

1: Grandiose sense of self-importance
2: Fantasies
3: Special or unique
4: Requires excessive admiration
5: Sense of entitlement
6: Manipulative
7: Lacks empathy for others
8: Often envious
9: Arrogant attitudes or behaviors


There are two types of narcissism: With grandiose narcissism we see characteristics like being extroverted, socially bold, self-confident, having a superficial charm, being resistant to criticism, and being callous and unemotional. Vulnerable narcissism is characterized by shame, anger, aggression, hypersensitivity, a tendency to be introverted, defensive, avoidant, anxious, depressed, socially awkward, and shy.

Factor 1 Psychopathy (primary) – callous/unemotional, manipulative, pathological liar, fearless dominance, lacking in remorse

Factor 2 Psychopathy (secondary) – impulsive, irresponsible, neurotic, emotionally reactive, criminal, sensation-seeking


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