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03 Aug Is Fear controlling You

Posted at 20:20h
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by Natalie Jill

HOLY MOLY just calculated that If you watch the news or scroll social media 3 hours a day (which is average) that is 84 hours a month in a 28 day month. You are training your brain subconsciously. 84 HOURS A MONTH!!!!!! Omg.
FEAR seems to be so heavy with so many right now and It can quickly turn into anxiety, isolation and depression… Are you surrendering to POSSIBILITY or FEAR right now?
If you answered “fear” is the FEAR because of what is happening TO US and around us OR is it because of the story we are deciding about it and how we are interpreting perceiving things?
We can’t change others and we most certainly cannot control the world. But we CAN CONTROL WHAT WE DECIDE, TAKE IN, and how we spend our time and INTERPRET things.
We (humans) can not outsmart a virus. Not possible. They have been here since the beginning of time.
But we CAN get ourselves in the healthiest place possible so we are better equipped to handle whatever comes our way. How do we do this? It’s NOT just what we are eating and how we are moving our bodies
It is managing our STRESS. It’s managing our FEAR, and it’s finding a new place of surrender and peace.
What would you have to lose with that?! Nothing. But you’d have everything to gain. Your peace, your life and some normalcy again.
Turn off the newsStop scrolling social media looking for what’s scaryStop looking to validate fearsStop fighting with people on social media threadsStop opening links from well meaning friends spreading more fear.
Stay informed, AND stay in control of what and how much you are taking in, reading and listening to. STOP creating a bubble of fear.
If you are spending even 3 hours a day in this idea of what’s wrong, that’s 21 hours a week…84 hours a month you are teaching yourself FEAR!!!
Do not train your subconscious that way.
What else can you do with your time to become a better version of you?
With an extra 84 hours a month what hobby could you master? What new skill could you learn? What business could you start?
“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”
Natalie Jill

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